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Hansa 2992 Cheetah Cub Sitting
Hansa Cheetah Cub 32cm It is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 112 & 120 km/h (70 & 75 mph) in short bursts covering distances up to 460 m (1,510 ft), & has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 103 km/h (64 mph) in three seconds, faster than most supercars
World of Bears  Hansa 2992 Cheetah Cub Sitting

Charlie Bears Candy
World of Bears  Charlie Bears Candy 16"" (41cm) Spring 2010 Supplied in a Collectable Canvas Bag which has the Charlie Bears logo printed on it Please be careful - this exclusive product is intended as a collectors item, we do not recommend this for children under three years of age, if a child under three years of age has access to this exclusive product please remove all hang t

Steiff EAN 280290 Steiffs Little Friend Beagle Puppy James
made of cuddly soft woven fur, brown/black/white, lying machine washable ay 30 deg C 22cm
World of Bears  Steiff EAN 280290 Steiffs Little Friend Beagle Puppy James

Gund 320110 Pookie Pals Brown / Beige
World of Bears  Gund 320110 Pookie Pals Brown / Beige This pocket sized Gund teddybear is the ideal gift to carry anywhere. Measuring just 3 inches high, Pookie is made from a very soft beige/brown plush. with dark brown safety fixed eyes, & a very cute cream muzzle he is sure tobe a winner with young & old alike. suitable from age 1 upwards, surface washable

Hansa 4556 Ferret Sitting Brown/White
Hansa plush ferret 32cm The history of the ferret's domestication is uncertain, like that of most other domestic animals, but it is likely that ferrets have been domesticated for at least 2,500 years. They are still used for hunting rabbits in some parts of the world today, but increasingly they are being kept simply as pets.
World of Bears  Hansa 4556 Ferret Sitting Brown/White

Jellycat TAS6B My first Baby Bunny Soother
World of Bears  Jellycat TAS6B My first Baby Bunny Soother Jellycat TAS6B My first Baby Bunny Soother Pretty, pink & perfect for baby, Jellycat Bunny Baby Soother is made carefully with love in whisper soft fabric, ideal for newborn baby to cuddle @ home, or on the go. with the longest ears for even the tiniest hands to grasp, this darling bunny will fast be a forever-friend. Jellycat TAB6BR My Firs

Merrythought WE18KN Kensington Teddy Bear
A pretty coral-coloured bear with a regal heir; Kensignton is based on a classic Merrythought design & growls when tipped. 18"" tall, Limited Edition of 75 pieces Launched Autumn 2011
World of Bears  Merrythought WE18KN Kensington Teddy Bear

Steiff 063442 Clippy Dolphin
World of Bears  Steiff 063442 Clippy Dolphin Steiff CLIPPY Dolphin is made from cuddly soft blue plush with light blue & white stripes underneath his tummy & fins. Clippy is an unusual Steiff animal, he is part of ' The Day at the Seaside' theme for 2012. He is 15cm/6in & has shiny little black boot button eyes, he would love to join his friends, Piccy Starfish, Putsi Seahorse, Fossy C

Hermann Original 93709 Rabbit Brown
Sitting, waiting for his carrot supper, Rabbit is very soft & cuddly, in white & brown luxury plush, with cute sticking up ears, he is 19 cms high
World of Bears  Hermann Original 93709 Rabbit Brown

Special Offer TY4076 Plush Dolphin blue/white
World of Bears  Special Offer TY4076 Plush Dolphin blue/white SPECIAL OFFER TY4076 12"L Snuggle pals -Blue/ White Dolphin (pictured lying). This gorgeously soft & squidgy dolphin, is made from a rich, dense plush, that your fingers just melt into. He has a white underside with a sky blue topside, & a paler blue for the "stripe" from his eye to his fin. He has big blue eyes & a stitched black mouth. He is suc

Merrythought 35GMGGR Golden Mohair Teddy Bear w/Growler
This iconic Merrythought teddy bear is the perfect companion for any child to grow up with, & a perpetual best-seller. Each size is made from quality golden mohair, with contrasting brown pads & satin ribbon with articulated limbs. A true childhood companion. Non Limited; 13 inches / 35cm, with Growler
World of Bears  Merrythought 35GMGGR Golden Mohair Teddy Bear w/Growler

Hansa 4291 Wolf Cub Sitting
World of Bears  Hansa 4291 Wolf Cub Sitting Hansa Wolf Cub plush 32cm The gray wolf or grey wolf ( Canis lupus), often known simply as the wolf, is the largest wild member of the Canidae family. Though once abundant over much of Eurasia & North America, the gray wolf inhabits a reduced portion of its former range due to widespread destruction of its territory, human encroachment, & the re

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Soft Toys

Little Jellycat BB4BBR Bebe Bear Ra
Little JellyCat BB4BBR 7 Small Seated Bebe Rattle Bear - blue. This tactile teddy is from Jellycats Baby Rang ...

Hermann Original 12329 Titanic Tedd
Hermann Original Titanic Teddy Bear has been made to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic o ...

Hermann Original 91525 Polar Bear
25cm, white plush teddy bear ...

Steiff EAN 037207 Gold Growling Ted
This lovable long-pile mohair bear is the baby brother of the Teddy bear replica of 1908. To mark the 100th an ...

Mel & Stef Louie Golly
Mel and Stef Louie Golly is made from a jersey cotton and cotton. Each doll's face is drawn on by hand and the ...

This Teddy bear also has familial roots that reach far back into history of Steiff. The famous predecessor of ...

Deans Diddly Pip Ellisons Orange
Here are junior Apple Pip Bears - hence the name Diddly Pips. They are fully jointed and made of 100% mohair. ...

Russ Berrie P38497 Blue Dragon Peep
Lil Peepers 2x4 Blue Dragon - Scorch Key Ring Scorch is made using a very soft and tactile plush called ca ...

STEIFF EVENT TEDDY BEAR 2011 made of finest mohair, beige, jointed, surface washable, production limited to th ...

PA0504 Retro Paddington Mug in Gift
Printed stoneware mug in presentation gift box. ...

Steiff EAN 653568 Rupert Bear white
Long awaited This 30cm tall Steiff Rupert Bear is absolutely wonderful. He is made from luxurious white alpaca ...

Hermann Original 93721 Sitting Rabb
Sitting down, in fabulous tan and white, whisper soft plush, Rabbit is 19 cms, and full of fun. Just waiting f ...

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