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" Furoshiki is the ancient Japanese custom of wrapping objects in a piece of cloth, & as we all become more eco-aware, the tradition has had a rather deservedly modern revival. Rather than using unnecessary plastic bags for shopping or wrapping gifts in throw-away paper, furoshiki allows us to wrap & carry clothes, gifts, food & much more in a variety of beautiful cloths that can be reused time after time. The book starts with the four basic knots & then explains the various folding methods that can be used according to the shape & size of the object. For when you are out & about, there are various options to try for making a chic handbag, backpack or shopping bag. Or for when you have a gift to give to a loved one there are so many styles to try, no matter how awkward the shape is to wrap. Stencils for traditional embroidery designs are also provided to allow you to customize your furoshiki to add a personal touch. Kumiko Nakayama-Geraerts was born in Japan & studied sewing & drawing at the Bunka Fashion School in Tokyo. She later worked as a designer at a haute couture house until settling in France in 1989 to work for a luxury Italian fashion brand. Nakayama now works in the interior design field & designs fabrics. She has previously published four successful books in Japan."

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