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Sega Toys "Star Theater" Projector | UK Supplier
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Sega Toys "Star Theater" Projector
Nowadays light pollution in urban areas makes it harder to find places from which to observe the stars & spot the different heavenly bodies in the night sky. With this projector, you can to create a small planetarium in any room in your house & admire the constellations & the stars. The " Star Theater" projector has a rotational movement that reproduces the look of the night sky throughout the year. It includes two interchangeable discs with the fixed stars of the northern hemisphere: you can see just stars or stars & constellations. You can also add a shooting star function. The projection angle & focus are changeable & it has an automatic shut-off timer as well as 2 movement options so you can see the universe as it looks from any point on Earth. " Star Theater" Star Projector Brand: Sega Toys Type of plug: European standard Input: 230V ~ 50 Hz (compatible in Spain & Europe, please check the chart ) for other countries Projector Color: black Size: 16.7 x 15.9 x 15 cm / 6.5 x 6.2 x 6 inches Contains: projector, AC adaptor, two interchangeable discs with the fixed stars of the northern hemisphere Projection Distance: 2 – 2.30 m / 78 -98 inches (adjustable focus) Projection Area: a circle about 2.70 m / 106 inches in diameter Light Source: high brightness white LED On/off button Place on any flat surface Includes 2 slides with 2 different views: one with just stars & another with stars & constellations Spherical Projector, rotates 360º, with a timer that switches off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes Two movement options (left, right) so you can see the universe as it looks from any point on Earth You can also activate the shooting star function simultaneously Use lateral adjustments to fix position Automatic shut-off timer Includes explanatory leaflet with information about the constellations Designer Profile Takayki Ohira creates the most advanced planetarium projectors in the world. He was born in Kawasaki, Japan, in 1970 & created his first home planetarium while still at primary school. In 1991, while attending university, he developed Astroliner, a type of star projector considered unfeasible until that moment. In 1998, he developed a portable planetarium that displayed 1.7 million stars & weighed only 30kg. In 2003 Megastar II projected up to 4.1 million stars &, a year later, it was the projector of choice for the most advanced planetariums in the world, thus entering the Guiness Book of Records.

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