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Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - White 50 LEDs (5m) | France Supplier
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - White 50 LEDs (5m)
Everbright Solar Fairy Lights - White 50 LEDs (5m) Solar Fairy Lights are a match made in heaven for anyone wanting to put up fairy lights outside without using mains power. Simply install the solar fairy lights & solar panel & away you go. Everbright Solar Fairy Lights perform every bit as well as mains operated LED fairy lights but with the convenience of solar. With 2 metres of cabling between the solar panel & the control box you can put our lights in the shade as long as the panel is in the sunlight. How do they work? Everbright Solar Fairy Lights are attached to a control box that contains a sealed battery pack. This control box is connected to a solar panel which charges the batteries during daylight. At dusk the light sensor in the solar panel turns the lights on automatically & off automatically after 8 hours. What is i PS Technology? Intelligent Power Saving Technology (patent pending) is a revolutionary concept in solar technology. It measures the amount of light rec...

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